Saima Qasim

CALPAK Co-Founder, Philanthropist, IT Consultant and Project Management Expert.

Qudsia Khan

Educator, a veteran teacher for more than 30 years at the Karachi Grammar School.  Mrs. Khan is also a skilled teacher trainer and expert at curriculum planning for primary school in reading and math.


Samina Qasim

Educator, Teacher Trainer for
many NGOs and expert Curriculum Writer for primary school in Urdu, Islamiyat, and
Pakistan History. She has written many workbooks and supplementary materials for children. Mrs. Qasim is presently teaching at Karachi Grammar School (KGS).

Dr. Robila Ashfaq

Dr. Robila Ashfaq is a family practice
physician who passionately believes
in equal opportunities for women in
the work place.

Mahmood Mushtaq

Philanthropist, retired Vice
President Gulf Oil, now serving
on the board of Texas A & M
University, USA

Dr. Gwen Finestone
CalSouthern Partner, Licensed
Marriage & Family Therapist,

Malka Iftikhar

Philanthropist and advocate of
women's education.

Anila Ali

Pakistani-American Teacher, Author, Philanthropist, and Public Representative/ Official.


Christiana Lewis

​Humanitarian & Fine Artist, has developed and implemented Calpak's adopted school's "Love and Peace
through Art" program.

Iqbal Qasim

Ex- Test Cricketer, Former EVP
of National Bank of Pakistan
and Philanthropist.

Fariha Khan
CALPAK Co-Founder, Philanthropist, Educator, Psychologist, expert in Childhood Education and Curriculum planning from London Montessori.

Zuleikha Zar

Former Senior UN specialist for Women and Gender in the Asia Pacific region. Ex-Deputy Chief, Ministry of Labor, Pakistan.

Huma and Amir Adnan

Famous Fashion Designers in
Pakistan and Philanthropists.

Dr. Johanna Solomon

Educator in Political Science,
Conflict Resolution, and
Experiential Education

Frieha Altaf

CEO of Catwalk Event
Management Productions,
CALPAK Partner, Philanthropist.

Dinah Frieden

Dinah has served on community
boards for the Irvine Unified School
District/Budget Commission and the
Red Cross. Philanthropist.

Susan Seely

Director, Olive Tree Initiative at UCI;
Board Member, Women in Leadership;
Community Activist and Mentor. Educator and Administrator at the University of California Irvine with experience in international experiential education projects in the Middle East.