In addition, we have pursued the Adopt-A-School program in Sindh and have adopted a government school to improve its overall academic and educational management enhancements. We have a team on the ground managing and maintaining this school and working for the betterment of it's children.

CALPAK Education Services; Promoting academic excellence through accessible, flexible, and innovative education for global students. ​

Working with government and private sector partners in the U.S., we will be offering scholarships to deserving students with a special emphasis on girls who enroll in the STEM degrees.

Anila Ali
CEO and Founder

Accessible and Affordable Education for All.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of CALPAK Education Services (PVT.) Ltd in Pakistan. CALPAK, with the help of affiliate college and universities offers higher educational opportunities to young people in Pakistan to do their A.S. degree online and then have an option to transfer to a four-year university in the U.S or continue with their Bachelor's degree online. This is a unique and first time opportunity to young people in Pakistan. 

CALPAK's goal in Pakistan is to make a U.S. college degree accessible and affordable. To begin with, our focus will be to offer the two-year AS degree with a goal of guaranteeing job placement in Pakistan, along with career counseling, training, and resume building services upon successful completion of the AS degree.  We will also offer Certificate Programs to individuals and Organizations which will also be available online.