Why invest in your employees?

• In this world of growing uncertainty both the employer and employee have a responsibility for improving skill levels. One of the features of working life today is that whatever education and training is acquired at the start, it will become outdated during the same working lifetime. The need to train, to obtain new knowledge, new skills and new attitudes has become an everyday aspect of each individual’s working life. In some cases this will require a complete change from one occupation to another, but in others it may merely be an updating process.

 • To compete in today's global economy, it's important to keep pace with a rapidly changing business landscape. By offering your employees this certificate course, accredited and approved by the State Board of Education, California, companies will be able to improve employee retention. 

•  By providing employee education and training programs, staff members gain fresh, new ideas that put their companies in the forefront, and, in essence, improve the bottom line. Research confirms that the advantages of employee retention programs to the employer outweigh the risks:

• Turnover rate for those who take advantage of employee education benefits is reduced by at least 50 percent.

• Employee retention saves companies millions of dollars/rupees a year in new recruitment costs.

• Employees in retention education tend to be more committed to their organizations and consistently deliver higher performance

• Employees can improve marketability, advance their careers and build skills in specific field of interest.

• By learning successful workplace practices and strategies, employees can successfully demonstrate their ability to solve problems, contribute ideas and offer solutions. Companies BENEFIT with skilled employees with the right attitude and aptitude.