Adopt-A-School Program

As a part of CALPAK's efforts towards contributing to the overall education development of Sindh, we have pursued the Adopt-A-School Program of the 'Department of Education & Literacy' and adopted a Government School with an aim to improve its overall academic and educational management enhancements. We hope to provide children with an opportunity to compete with the best by creating a model school, a flagship school, whose model can be replicated throughout the province.  

‚ÄčOur goal through the program is to provide quality education to those already enrolled in Sindh schools and further enrollment at each school by creating partnerships between the faculty, students, and mobilizing the parent community. Furthermore, our goal is to increase the competency of the teachers by training them in the latest methodology and philosophies in education in order to enhance their 

Through our professional development program and our public-private partnerships, we will also increase the math and reading competencies of the students, which forms the foundation of all learning. Through our partners, we will provide tutoring, civic training, leadership, and volunteerism training to enhance student self-esteem.

present skills. Additionally, our goal is to provide an environment that cultivates a lifelong love of learning through arts, music, reading, drama and sports so that our youth get the all-round education that will make them productive citizens of Pakistan.