• To ensure that every child in the primary school gets quality education
  • To create seamless early learning systems that link education, health, nutrition, family and community support systems.
  • To work for enduring reforms in the educational sector by providing latest tools and  techniques to the teachers.
  • Enhance overall academic performance and teacher excellence.
  • Uplift the quality of teaching through creative methods in teaching critical thinking, reading and math.
  • Expand student outcomes by expanding opportunities for teachers to train and lead.
  • Developing a lifelong desire for learning.
  • To ensure that the learning process is made locally relevant,child centered,activity based and joyful.
  • To ensure that the educational management is decentralized to the community and that the community takes ownership to ensure children’s right to education.

CALPAK Educational consulting services focus is on advancing and aiding the primary education system in Sindh in order to lay a solid educational foundation for basic education in Pakistan. We seek to further student success through a partnership between US and Pakistani educators and educational management experts. Specifically, we seek to implement education that will prepare Pakistani students to compete as global citizens.

​Preparing students for success in a changing world

About us

Our Mission

Goals and Objectives

CALPAK Educational Services is an Educational Management Organization focusing on US-Pakistani educational partnerships. We currently have a dual focus: University Partnerships and Primary Educational Opportunities to underserved communities. CALPAK Education Services, Ltd is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

CALPAK University focuses on advancing partnerships between California and Pakistan Universities. This arm of our organization encourages both course-sharing through online education and scholarships for outstanding students.

Our participation in the adopt-a-school program is aimed at guiding instruction and managing primary schools in Sindh. Our success with other school projects have led to innovation and great improvements in student and teacher outputs.