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Our Dedication is to make YOUR dream of education and empowerment, A REALITY.

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CALPAK Education Services, Ltd is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Accessible, affordable education for all

Do you wish to identify your preferred major or academic focus, and THEN choose a university that specializes in your area of study or do you wish to identify a college that has long enchanted or inspired you, and THEN choose a program offered at the college in that wonderland?

We at CALPAK can help you realize your dream and succeed, we establish goals, timelines, dates, dollar and rupee amounts, number of credits, etc. Measuring your progress enables you to stay on track; as a result, you will experience the feeling of success that will drive you on to achieve your goal- getting a U.S. degree while living and working in Pakistan.

Your only dream might be only to earn a U.S. college degree, RELAX and Take a bottle of coke..


An alliance of Californian Americans and Pakistanis to promote education in the underserved communities in Pakistan.

How can CALPAK help you?


With CALPAK, You will easily;

With a little hard work, dedication, and planning, we will help you achieve your goal of earning a U.S. degree while living here in Pakistan.

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​​Have you ever dreamed of getting an American degree but thought it was not possible?

For most degree seeking students in Pakistan, studying in America is a brief stint bookended by long years of more traditional studies. However, some students are kicking it up a notch. Instead of limiting their education abroad to four weeks or a single semester, more and more students are enrolling in full degree programs at American universities. No matter if the inner depths of your degree-seeking-soul are determined to complete an undergraduate or graduate program abroad or if you have never even considered the idea, you are in luck, because there is a way out to study a degree program abroad to suit any student’s desires.

To many Pakistan students, it’s hard enough to pick a school in your own home country, let alone choosing a degree program among a few hundred other options! There are many factors to weigh as you hone in on your school of choice, but location and area of study should be at the forefront.
Probably you are confused, and for some reasons, You can’t travel abroad!